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Rhonda Noy

Rhonda Noy

With over 40 years in the sewing Industry, starting as a casual assistant in Townsville in 1983, Rhonda has had a deep passion for all things BERNINA including machines, accessories, embroidery and overlocking. Despite moving cities ten times and working in various sewing stores, product training and workshops have enriched her knowledge. Her home studio in Forestdale, Queensland, known as 'The Sewing Gypsy Studio,' is equipped with a range of BERNINA machines and accessories.


She particularly enjoys garment making, patchwork, quilting, and machine embroidery. Retirement has granted Rhonda more time for family, friends, and personal pursuits. Although no longer filling her diary with work commitments, she cherishes regular sewing gatherings with friends, reading, cooking, and attending sewing retreats. Occasionally, Rhonda will teach classes, sharing her expertise and inspiring others to maximise their machine's potential. Confidence, Rhonda believes, comes from applied knowledge and new skills.

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