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About BERNINA Academy

About BERNINA Academy

BERNINA Academy is a series of classes and lectures aimed at teaching various sewing techniques and skills by BERNINA Australia. These sessions are conducted by expert instructors and cover a wide range of topics, from basic sewing to advanced embroidery and quilting. The Academy is open to everyone, whether you're a beginner looking to learn the ropes or an experienced sewist aiming to refine your techniques.


Hands-On Experience

One of the key features of BERNINA Academy is the emphasis on hands-on learning. Participants get to use high-end BERNINA sewing machines and accessories, which enhances the learning experience and allows them to familiarise themselves with the latest technology in the sewing world.


Expert Instructors

The instructors at BERNINA Academy are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in sewing and teaching. They provide personalised attention, ensuring you grasp the concepts and apply them effectively in your projects.


Community and Networking

Attending BERNINA Academy also means being part of a vibrant community of sewing enthusiasts. It's a great opportunity to share ideas, get inspiration and make new friends who share your passion for sewing.


BERNINA Academy is an excellent resource for anyone looking to enhance their sewing skills, whether you're a hobbyist or a professional. It offers high-quality instruction, access to top-notch equipment, and a supportive community, all of which make it a fantastic place to learn and grow your sewing abilities.

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