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Jennifer Moore

Jennifer Moore

Jennifer Moore is the enthusiastic Australian designer and developer behind Aster & Anne. Her creative journey began with a profound love for fashion, sewing, and the enchanting world of embellishment. At Aster & Anne, she channels her passion into crafting unique pieces that showcase the beauty of fabrics, buttons, ribbons, laces, trims and of course threads. These elements hold a special place in her heart, igniting the flames of my creativity.


Jennifer serendipitously crossed paths with Andrew Ngai, the President of WonderFil Specialty Threads. Engaging in conversations about threads, felt kits and more, she unexpectedly found herself playing a pivotal role in expanding WonderFil across Australia. Presently, she manages WonderFil Australia’s wholesale and distribution centre in Melbourne, all the while nurturing new craft ideas and steering the growth of Aster&Anne.


Always dedicated to the joy of embellishing, Jennifer invites you to join her on this delightful journey where every stitch tells a story, and every detail is a testament to my dedication to the art of design. As always, happy embellishing!

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