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Please take note of the class code, before the class name, it's important for selecting the correct ticket 

Trapunto Quilting with Amanda Murphy

W1 Trapunto Quilting | 2 Day - $900

Amanda Murphy

Wed 25 - Thurs 28 | 10am - 5pm

A Wholecloth Quilt featuring Rulerwork & Free-Motion

Learn to combine ruler work and free-motion, along with a simple trapunto technique, to make a beautiful 40’’ whole cloth quilt with floral motifs. Plus, we’ll go over free-motion design designs, from basic to advanced, that you can use to add texture.  You’ll love how this combination of techniques makes your quilting sing and will go home inspired to apply the technique to many projects! 

Each student receives an Amanda Murphy 'Every Petal Set 2' for FREE.

ALL Class Materials Provided


Please take note of the ticket code for choosing your sewing experience.

W1-1 Machine: B 770QE - 7 Tickets available

W1-2 Machine: Q16+/Q20 Sit-Down - 10 Tickets available

W1-3 Machine: Q16+/Q20 on Studio Frame - 3 Tickets available

⭐️BONUS GIFT⭐️ Amanda Murphy Measuring Tool

Paper Piecing Creative Concept

W2 Modern Foundation Paper Piecing | 2 Day - $900

Veruschka Zarate

Wed 25 - Thurs 26 | 10am - 5pm

In this hands-on class, you will enhance your skills and achieve proficiency in the essentials of Modern Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP) by crafting a contemporary and vividly designed Landscape Pattern called “Capturing Memories: Sydney Sunset” a quilt pattern series. The class project is meticulously designed to combine a modern aesthetic with an intriguing visual composition that serves as an ideal beginning project for you to delve into the core aspects of FPP. Some of the key FPP techniques that will be explored in this class include: navigating complex angles, achieving precise point alignment, fabric placement and positioning, understanding seam line orientation, ensuring shape continuity, and executing accurate piecing techniques. These skills will empower and equip you to confidently assemble and undertake any FPP project with ease and assurance.


Class includes 'Capturing Memories: Sydney Sunset' pattern.

ALL Class Materials Provided

⭐️BONUS GIFT⭐️ Quilters Essentials Kit: Ruler, Board & Cutter Set

OESD Embroidery Essentials Class

W3 OESD Essentials | Half Day Lecture - $80


Wed 25 | 10am - 1pm or 2pm - 5pm

Learn essential embroidery techniques, including how to choose the right stabilizer, hooping placement, and more from an embroidery expert. You will also learn how to create exciting project techniques like freestanding lace, tiling scenes, applique, quilting in the hoop, and new innovative embroidery accessories. The beautiful embroidery samples and projects will inspire you, and you’ll learn tips to make your embroidery stress-free and fun! This seminar is perfect for embroiderers of all skill levels and embroidery machine types.


Lecture Materials Provided


Please take note of the ticket code when choosing your lecture session.

W3-1 AM - Morning Lecture

W3-2 PM - Afternoon Lecture

⭐️BONUS GIFT⭐️ OESD Goodie Bag

Budgie Buddies Jacket Class

W4 Creative Stitching  | 1 Day - $350

Mandy Murray

Wed 25 | 10am - 5pm

Budgie Buddies Jacket

Budgies can light up the room with their bright colours and cheerful chatter. These beautiful birds love to socialize and need company to thrive… so who better to have by your side, rocking them on a denim jacket! 

In this workshop, you’ll learn Mandy’s appliqué technique and apply two quirky budgies to a pre-made jacket of your choice! 

You’ll play with decorative stitches and gorgeous fabrics and add some fussy-cut flowers if you wish. 

You’ll also receive some fun woven labels to add to your jacket too! Get ready to receive loads of compliments when you take these tweeties on your adventures! 

ALL Class Materials Provided except below

The full kit is provided, so just bring a jacket with a suitable space to appliqué the design or, alternatively, a piece of fabric that you can turn into a cushion, bag, etc.

⭐️BONUS GIFT⭐️ Tula Pink Stargazer Medium Project Bag

Creative embellishing with your overlocker

W5 ABC's of Overlocking | 1 Day - $150

Rhonda Noy

Wed 25 | 10am - 5pm

There's a sense of accomplishment that comes from mastering your overlocker and seeing the professional-quality results in your finished projects. This class with take you through all the fundamentals, covering everything from needles, thread, tensions, stitch types and much more.  You will go home with a fabulous folder and book full of samples to use as a reference.

ALL Class Materials Provided

⭐️BONUS GIFT⭐️ Serger Seam Hookey: Makes it quick and easy to lock all your overlocked seams.

Mackintosh Compendium Project

W6 Thread Fantasy | 1 Day - $250

Jennifer Moore

Wed 25 | 10am - 5pm

Mackintosh Rose Compendium

Step into a world of creative textile embellishment, where we’ll explore different crafting techniques to turn our Aster&Anne Pre-cut felt base into works of art. Master the art of stenciling with paint on the Aster & Anne felt Project Cover kit, setting the stage for your creative journey.

Discover the captivating technique of couching with threads, as you weave decorative threads onto your fabric, adding depth to your designs. Then, dive into the world of embellishing with felted wool rose appliqués. Witness the magic as wool transforms as it's enhanced by specialty threads for texture and sparkle.

Whether you're a seasoned crafter seeking new horizons or a beginner eager to explore, this workshop promises to fuel your creativity and unlock new possibilities. Join us and let your imagination soar as you create breathtaking pieces that will leave a lasting impression.

ALL Class Materials Provided


ByAnnie Open Wide Bag

W7 ByAnnie - Open Wide BERNINA Retrofied | 1 Day - $250


Wed 25 | 10am - 5pm

The practical but funky “Open Wide” byAnnie bag offers a delightful blend of creativity, practicality, and personal satisfaction, making it a truly enjoyable project for sewists of all levels. Using the fabulous BERNINA black and white retro pictures in this special panel, evokes a sense of nostalgia as the classic designs and styles of the past, remind us of the joy and creativity that sewing brings while also showcasing the timeless quality of BERNINA sewing machines.

Included in your kit is an additional one-off colour retro panel to also enjoy as well as the Open Wide ByAnnie pattern.

ALL Class Materials Provided

⭐️BONUS GIFT⭐️ Wonder Fabric Clips


W8 Create Your Magic | Half Day - $100


Wed 25 | 10am - 1pm & 2pm - 5pm

Introducing the BERNINA 990, the ultimate sewing machine for sewing, quilting & embroidery.
Join us for this hands-on class, where you will experience many of its amazing new features.


We'd love to share more, but you will have to come see it for yourself.

ALL Class Materials Provided


Please take note of the ticket code when choosing your class session.

W8-1 AM - Morning Class

W8-2 PM - Afternoon Class

⭐️BONUS GIFT⭐️ Microfiber Screen Cleaning Cloth

Fundamentals of Embroidery

W9 Embroidery Fundamentals | Half Day - $100


Wed 25 | 10am - 1pm & 2pm - 5pm

If you have or are considering purchasing a BERNINA embroidery module for your 5/7 series machines, then this 3-hour hands-on class is perfect. You will learn everything you need to embroider with your machine successfully, including setting up your machine for embroidery, navigating embroidery screens, adding lettering, editing designs, hooping your fabric, changing thread colours and much more.

This is the perfect class to pair with the OESD Essentials half-day lecture, as you’ll learn so many tips and tricks to make your embroidery stress-free and fun!


Please take note of the ticket code when choosing your class session.

W9-1 AM - Morning Class

W9-2 PM - Afternoon Class

ALL Class Materials Provided

⭐️BONUS GIFT⭐️ Embroidery Mastery Book Hard Copy

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